What is Happy Fliers?

A dose of happiness through active play

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    HAPPY FLIERS is a hybrid of aerial yoga, pilates and aerial arts that provides a real mind/body connection.

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    Through controlled movements using a specially-designed hammock, our sensory awareness is heightened.

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    This is particularly useful for developing children in today’s technology-driven world.


In a world where fresh air and activity have given way to tablets and computer screens, our kids are growing stressed, unhealthy and unequipped to deal with anxieties of day to day life.


At Happy Fliers, we get back to basics – using aerial fitness techniques with the aim of getting kids active and healthy in both mind and body. The movements stimulate their sensory awareness, allowing them to develop healthy responses and coping mechanisms away from modern technology.



Happy Fliers is all about active play and re-connecting children to their bodies, minds and emotions through moves that stimulate their sensory awareness.

Are you great with kids? Do you love to help people become the best they can be?
 Would you feel rewarded by helping children do better at school,
 have better relationships and grow into confident and capable adults?

Create a life you love by taking on a career that you’re passionate about.

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Happy Fliers can help children by offering a range of benefits including




Joyce Chong is the creator of Happy Fliers, a registered occupational therapist and owner of an aerial fitness studio in Los Angeles area.

Joyce was inspired to create Happy Fliers while working as a school-based occupational therapist. She has experienced first-hand the benefits of the aerial fitness movements and wants to share this knowledge and passion with others, including parents, therapists and movement practitioners.

Joyce is a strong believer in following your heart and living a life you love. Joyce knows that the mind and body are so inextricably connected and through movement,
you can create the energy and confidence to chase your dreams.



Stela Ramirez
(School Principal)

“Our children love the sensory diet that they get on these hammocks.”

Katie Im
(Aerial fitness Instructor)

“It was my privilege to incorporate Happy Fliers program into my hammock class. This has brought a positive change in my studio. Both children and adults have so much fun with the program!”

Jennifer Ash

“It not only provides a great physical conditioning but also an emotional development with creative and fun movements.”

Sunny Miller

“It is one of the best sensory activities for my children.”

Carol Han

“Happy Fliers helps me become stronger!”



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