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Are you ready to kick-start your career in children’s aerial fitness? Are you a yoga or Pilates teacher or fitness instructor looking to add to your repertoire? Are you a parent and would like to teach your own kids or maybe start a lucrative new career in the fitness industry?

Are you great with kids? Do you love to help people become the best they can be? Would you feel rewarded by helping children do better at school, have better relationships and grow into confident and capable adults?

Create a life you love by doing what you’re passionate about. Our online courses are the first of their kind. Get the edge and get started now. Our online course includes:

– A 120+ pages manual with 40+ moves and exercises (full color with over 350 pictures)
40+ videos demonstrating the poses and moves
Effective cues
– Therapeutic activities
– Objectives of the exercise/pose
Muscle focus
– Notes for Sensory Integration Therapy (for OTs and PTs working with children)
– How to integrate essential oils and music to make the class more fun
– Instructions on how to: wash and take care of the hammock / tie the hammock by hand in less than 10 minutes / install the hammock in different settings (regular 8-9ft ceilings, ceilings higher than 9ft, etc)
– Tips for current and future studio owners (including measurements between the happy hammocks in the studio)

You can learn online at your own pace.

Happy Fliers wants you to succeed and provides you with all the tools to become a confident and competent teacher.

Take a leap. Enroll now.