Using specially-designed and manufactured hammocks, aerial fitness provides supported, active play that awakens the senses.

The moves are supported by our sensory hammocks, which are used for a heightened – and sometimes challenging – sensory experience.

1. Tell me more about the Teacher’s Course. What does the online course entail? What’s included?

The Happy Fliers’ Teacher’s Course is a well-rounded curriculum originally created to provide a training tool for therapists and movement practitioners working with children. It is a self-study resource that you can complete at your own pace.

Students who study the Happy Fliers’ Teacher’s Course will deepen their understanding of aerial exercise, learn how to structure and create a cohesive class, acquire an understanding of aerial fitness and develop the tools to begin teaching aerial arts to kids.

Course includes:

– A 120+ pages manual with 40+ moves and exercises (full color with over 350 pictures)
40+ videos demonstrating the poses and moves
Effective cues
– Therapeutic activities
– Objectives of the exercise/pose
Muscle focus
– Tips for sensory integration therapy (for OTs and PTs working with children)
– How to integrate essential oils and music to make the class more fun
– Instructions on how to: wash and take care of the hammock / tie the hammock by hand in less than 10 minutes / install the hammock in different settings (regular 8-9ft ceilings, ceilings higher than 9ft, etc)
– Tips for current and future studio owners (including measurements between the happy hammocks in the studio)

There are two study options:

a) Happy Fliers Teacher’s Course and Certification: If you need a certification, purchase the Happy Fliers Teacher’s Course + Certification and study the material at your own pace. When you know all the material inside out, you can start practice teaching.

We recommend you to teach for at least 10 hours before taking the test. When you feel confident, take a 50-minute video of yourself teaching a child (or a group of children) and send it to Happy Fliers for a review. Your video will be reviewed within seven days and if you pass, you’ll receive a certificate in the mail within 30 days. Most trainees pass in their first shot, however, you can retake the test as many times as required at no extra charge.
· Details on test content will be sent to you via email when you purchase this package.
· There is no time limit for the certification.

b) The Teacher’s Course only: The Teacher’s Course only does not include a certification. The course provides all the necessary materials for you to start teaching, however, no certification will be issued. If you are a parent or someone who does not need a certification, you can purchase the course only.

2. What benefits will my children get from Happy Fliers?

The benefits of aerial fitness go above and beyond the physical body. Happy Fliers aims to get children active through play that not only challenges their bodies physically, but also connects their sensory awareness, promoting healthy coping skills. Aerial fitness classes help develop gross and fine motor skills, physical strength, mental endurance and emotional wellbeing. Best of all, kids have so much fun while learning the movements, exercising and playing!

3. What are the contraindications for aerial fitness?

It’s recommended to consult with your and/or your children’s physician prior to commencing any new exercise program, including Happy Fliers. Contraindications for aerial work exist including, but not restricted to, people who have glaucoma, heart conditions, low or high blood pressure, vertigo, cerebral palsy, hernias, muscle spasms and pregnancy. If in doubt, please seek medical advice from your doctor before purchasing any course or equipment.

4. How old do you have to be in order to engage in Happy Fliers’ program?

We recommend the Happy Fliers’ program for kids aged eight and above. Many of the movements could be advanced for younger children (aged eight to ten). Our curriculum provides a list of levels of each exercise so you can teach children according to their physical ability. The Happy Fliers’ program can be enjoyed not only by kids, but by teenagers and adults as well.

5. What is the weight capacity of the hammock?

The fabric of the hammocks has a load rating of over 2000 lbs, daisy chains up to 1tn, and carabiners are rated at 50kn.

6. What are the specifications of the hammock?

The hammocks are made of nylon fabric and measure 7 yards x 110 inches.

7. Do you provide any suggestions for rigging?

Happy Fliers recommends that you hire a professional contractor to do the rigging. However, if you choose to DIY, google “ceiling beam swing suspension kit” and you will find a couple of companies that sell DIY kits. We do not recommend any specific brand/company because there are many choices out there (different prices and designs) and we want you to make the choice based on what works the best for you.

You could hang the hammock indoors as well as outdoors. You could hang the hammock on a strong and secure tree branch using a safety rated sling.

8. What is ‘sensory integration’?

Sensory integration refers to the way we receive and organize information that’s presented through our senses and how we use this information to participate in everyday life. In addition to our five senses – sight, sound, taste, smell and touch – we have two other senses: vestibular sense – this allows us to stay upright and helps with movement and balance – and proprioception – this makes us aware of our body, how it functions and what force we need to carry out certain functions.

We’re commonly using a combination of senses at any one time, but we don’t often pay attention to them all, preferring to focus on only the most relevant one at that time.

*Our curriculum offers tips for therapists practicing sensory integration therapy.

9. What is your refund/exchange policy?

Because our hammocks are custom ordered, all sales are final. The course is also non-refundable because once you make the purchase, you’ll receive a digital manual and access to all the videos.

10. Can I get insurance cover with this online course?

Yes. Information on insurance is covered in the curriculum. *Insurance is only available for students who get the certification.

11. How should I price my class?

Information on pricing is covered in the curriculum.

12. Are there any pre-requisites to take the online training?

Yes – a loving heart and a passion to chase your dreams!

13. How can I find out more?

Get in touch now to get sample of our online course.